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Open Season is an animated adventure following the story of a pet Grizzly bear named Boog and his new moronic deer friend Elliot .

Boog lives in the comfort of a park ranger’s garage with his own little bed, cute teddy bear and even TV. Elliot first arrives seemingly dead, tied to the truck of the town’s grungiest and meanest hunters, Shaw.

However after Boog discovers he’s still alive and lets him loose, Elliot befriends Boog and later coaxes him to playfully rampage through a convenience store.

Boog’s worst fears are realized when his caretaker learns of Boog’s and Elliot’s hijinks and sets Boog free in the wilderness just days before the start of open hunting season. This starts Boog’s journey back to the town in which he learns a lot about himself and encounters and befriends many other wild animals along the way.

If you liked the movie, now you can enjoy the two main characters, Boog and Elliot just in your desktop.
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